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Bio-dynamic Research Institute

The Bio-dynamic Research Institute (also known as BDRI) is an Australian government approved organic certification organisation.

In 1967, the Bio-dynamic Research Institute registered the Demeter trademark in Australia, and developed the first organic/Biodynamic certification scheme here,
to guarantee the integrity of Biodynamic produce to consumers.

The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute owns the DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Trademark in Australia. Operators who meet exacting Quality Standards may apply for certification to use this prestigious quality mark on their products.

The office is open 10 am to 3 pm Monday and Thursday.

You can contact them online

By phone: 03 5966 7333

By facsimile: 03 5966 7433

Bio-dynamic Australian Agriculture Association of Australia

The Bio-dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (also known as BDAAA) was founded in the mid 1950s.  It was then an association of farmers practicing the “Australian Demeter-standard” method of Biodynamics as developed by Alex Podolinsky.

Their primary aims were to rejuvenate soil and nature, to provide a sound future for the earth and to produce healthy food for consumers.

In 1967, the Bio-dynamic Research Institute registered the Demeter trademark in Australia, and developed the first organic/Biodynamic certification scheme here, to guarantee the integrity of Biodynamic produce to consumers.


Biodynamic Growers Australia – Training & Introductory Field Days

BDGA is an Incorporated Association which has evolved from the BD Gardeners group established by Alex Podolinsky, in the 1970’s, to accommodate growers who were not farmers.

We practice the same Australian Demeter Biodynamic method as BDAAA, basing our practice on the Australian Demeter preparations. Our Trainers are located in most states of Australia and our members are spread across the country.

The Trainers act as focal points for inquiries. They run practical introductory days, as a pre-requisite for membership of BDGA. Essential points of BD management are covered at these field days, and Trainers often maintain contact with newer members while they gain confidence in their practice. We keep in touch and share experience via a seasonal newsletter. Volunteers co-ordinate the provision of resources to Trainers and all members.

Introductory days are open to growers on any scale – from backyards, to a few acres, to broad acres.

General Inquiries: Thelma Newman:

Training: Darren Aitken:

Membership queries:

Biodynamic Marketing

The  Biodynamic Marketing Company Ltd – a not-for-profit company, was founded in 1981 to distribute Demeter Biodynamic produce to consumers.

The Company has a warehouse in Lilydale in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, distributing daily to Customers Australia wide.

A wide range of Certified Demeter Biodynamic and Organic product is now stocked including rice, grains, yoghurt, milk, nuts, flours and fruit juices.

Fresh Certified Demeter Biodynamic and Organic produce is also distributed from the Melbourne Fresh markets at Epping in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Visit their website on 

Biodynamic Growing Magazine

  • Was Australia’s foremost Biodynamic magazine, featuring the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method developed by Alex Podolinsky and the farmers of the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia. This magazine is no longer in production, however back issues are available.

  • Articles, knowledge and techniques from Biodynamic farmers, small scale producers and gardeners.

  • The website contains a wealth of information and articles from the magazines as well as an ONLINE SHOP where you can purchase past issues (including E-versions) and many Biodynamic and related books and DVDs.

Visit their website on to know more.

Demeter Biodynamics Australia Future Farmers

This is a group of farmers practicing and interested in the Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic method.  They have a Facebook page here.










Phone: 0428 968 504


Address: C/- Post Office, Powelltown, Victoria, 3797

AUSTRALIAN DEMETER BIODYNAMIC - in association with the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (BDAAA) and Biodynamic Growers Australia (BDGA)

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