For the rights to use the Australian Demeter Biodynamic trademark, an operator must satisfy the requirements of the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce and show soil structure development and farm management as detailed in the Australian Demeter Biodynamic Standard.





Our Biodynamic research and practice in Australia has produced a totally new and dynamic approach to farming, but despite our over 60 years of experience and practical application refining the Biodynamic method to suit Australian conditions, we:

  • remain faithful to the original indications of Steiner,

  • use the quantities and quality preparations made according to Pfeiffer’s research; and

  • provide maximum support for the special Biodynamic preparations to be effective by applying the methodicity and practical understanding gifted to the agricultural world by Alex Podolinsky.

New impulses have again and again arisen in history. One can never ‘go back’ to a past. With the breakdown of natural plant growth conditions through forced farming methods, and deteriorating environmental conditions, a new agricultural impulse became necessary. This new impulse is carried by the correct application of the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method.

Photo 1: Typifies soil compaction worldwide due to reduction of microbes and worms through effects of chemicals, artificial fertilisers and too heavy machinery.


Photo 2: The same soil after one year Demeter Biodynamic activation. A typical result showing our Biodynamic soil structure and humus building activities.

Evidence of the results of the Australian Demeter Biodynamic Method are shown in the photographs above. Photograph 1 – typical soil of today, compacted and dead. Photograph 2 – the same soil, within less than a year – and without the addition of any inputs other than one mechanical aeration, cultivation, sowing down to pasture species and two applications of our basic soil activator named Prepared 500.

Foundation to our method of agriculture is understanding and supporting the production of humus in the soil. There is no such thing as “permanent” humus. Humus exists only at the height of a process of continuous becoming. “Permanent” humus would be dead material – nothing better than organic matter of little dynamic consequence. In a living soil, worms and microbes continue to make new humus out of old organic matter. Sustainability of humus is guaranteed by the soil structure as depicted in photograph 2. Loss of soil structure results in loss of humus.

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