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Soil Conversion

Documents changes in soil structure and colour on a number of soil types, including changes from long-time organic farming to Bio-Dynamics.

5 Bio-Dynamic Farms

Documents bio-dynamic soil development on five very different farms.

  • Wheat and Sheep on red-sandy loam near Culcairn, NSW.
  • Sugarcane on the alluvial Burdekin River soil, QLD.
  • Grain and Grazing on sandy loam near Barham NSW, including discussion on nursery propagation of own trees for treelines – an ongoing activity begun 50 years earlier.
  • Rice farming on a formerly salinity affected farm near Barham NSW.
  • White sand grain and grazing property near Esperance WA. Includes discussion on direct seeding of local trees as part of cropping program.
Compost Making

Covers the essential technique of constructing compost heaps on a commercial dairy using available farm equipment. Quality of materials, adequate aeration and temperature control are all important factors in obtaining the essential colloidal quality of the end product.

Cosmo Earthly Ecology

Includes an introductory lecture explaining cosmic ecology and how to harness the sun power to create a farming system that is truly a closed farm unit / shows the design working of the special “Bio-Dynamic” ripper both at Agrilatina, and on Australian drought affected pasture country.

Vortex Vegies

The soil development of an Australian biodynamic market garden.



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