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Biodynamic Growers Australia (BDGA) was formed in 1975 with the aim of teaching home gardeners and non-commercial operators the Australian Demeter method of Biodynamics (as developed by Alex Podolinsky).

After attending an Introductory Field Day, small-scale growers and gardeners interested in adopting the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method can join Biodynamic Growers Australia to gain access to a range of resources (including storage and stirring equipment), approved Biodynamic preparations, and advice regarding the application of the method on their property.

The Australian Demeter Biodynamic method championed by the BDGA is described in the handbook Biodynamics – A Practical Introduction, which is provided to all members. The method focuses on establishing healthy, aerobic soils with increased organic matter and humus, without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or the use of any other unnecessary inputs. Practices included in the method include the planting of cover crops, timely application of high-quality, properly stored and activated microbial preparations, composting and careful soil cultivation.

Support for larger, commercial farmers interested in adopting the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method is provided by the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (BDAAA).

Regardless of scale, growers who successfully apply the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method achieve more fertile, structured soils with greater capacity to hold water and sequester carbon, and plants that are more resilient, nutritious and flavoursome. 



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