The Australian Demeter Biodynamic method was developed in Australia by Alex Podolinsky. It is based on Biodynamic preparations of the highest quality, which have been refined in Australia under Alex’s guidance, working from the insights of Rudolf Steiner and the scientific experimentation of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer.

The practical application of the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method is to:

  • develop and maintain soil structure

  • develop the humus on which that soil depends for its fertility and resilience

  • support the growth of healthy plants under the influence of the sun

  • produce of the highest quality in both flavour and nutrition

The success of the method depends on plants feeding themselves according to nature, through nutrients which are held within the humus content of the soil, not through water soluble nutrient in the soil water.

Ideally, each farm operates as a closed unit, using the preparations in combination with the soil, climate and seasonal variation with which the farmer works.



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