Australian Demeter Bio Dynamic DVDs, books and other education and learning resources on the Demeter Bio-dynamic method

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Books, DVD, learning material, Demeter, biodynamic

Resources for Demeter Bio-dynamic method

A series of books and DVD’s covering the Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic practices

can be purchased at the following site –

For booksclick here.

Suggested books to start with are

  • Alex Podolinsky Lectures, Volume 1

  • Living Agriculture

For DVD’s – click here.

Download Resources 

  2011 Lecture
Written version of an address given to farmers at a field day on a bio-dynamic grazing
/ cropping property near Young, NSW, Australia.
Discusses (world-wide) problem of loss of water storage due to compaction of soils.
Shows how bio-dynamics can remedy this situation.

Biodynamics Agriculture of the Future
Excellent introduction to the bio-dynamic method, provides a comprehensive, yet easily readable,
explanation of the difference between organic and bio-dynamic farming and resulting product quality.

Living Agriculture
Topics include: reclamation of salt affected farming land under bio-dynamic management
/ humus vs organic matter and their qualitatively differing effects on soil and plant feeding
/ education and training of farmers.

Living Knowledge
Topics include: Classic Natural Science vs Hypothetical Science
/ correct stirring of 500 reflected in Kepler’s 3 Laws / life implanting action of Chaos
/ 3 types of viewing – imagination, intuition, inspiration.

Biodynamic Agriculture Introductory Lectures – vol. 3
Farmer most important item on a farm / nutrition / disease / purpose of existence / soil structure,
organic matter and humus
/ sick plants mean sick soil / bio-dynamic preparations / living-breathing earth
/ sustainability of humus.

IFOAM Conference Address 2005
Addresses the problem of Australian agriculture as world phosphate reserves diminish,
providing a truly sustainable alternative
to the modern approach of “input” farming –
which is occurring even on organic farms.

  Several videos are available to view here
Soil Conversion
5 Bio-dynamic Farms
Compost Making

Cosmo Earthly Ecology
Vortex Vegies




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