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Field Days 2021

Saturday 24/4/21 Pawleena, Tasmania
Gardeners and Small Growers Field Day
The venue is a long-time BD property of 4 acres producing a wide range of fruit and vegetables – many of which the owners process for their own use.

Saturday 15/5/21 Oberon, NSW
“Lynden” is a Demeter Certified farm producing beef, lamb, wool and cropping.

Sunday 16/5/21 Ballarat, Victoria
Gardeners and Small Growers Field Day
An established property producing a wide range of fruit and vegetables.  Berries are a specialty.

Saturday 22/5/21 Hamilton, Victoria
Hochkirch Wines, a Demeter Certified farm producing wine and meat.

Saturday 19/6/21 Brooklet, NSW
Seeds Organic, a Demeter Certified farm growing vegetable seed and seedlings.

Saturday 24/7/21 Red Hill, Victoria – POSTPONED DUE TO COVID, NEW DATE TO BE ADVISED
Mock Orchards, a Demeter Certified farm that is a mixed orchard and also produces many value added products.

Saturday 14/8/21 Inverleigh, Victoria – POSTPONED DUE TO COVID, NEW DATE TO BE ADVISED
A Demeter Certified market garden producing mixed vegetables and vegetable seed.

Saturday 2/10/21 Glaziers Bay, Tasmania
Since Billy and Julie purchased their 7-acre property five years ago they have re-fenced the boundary, deep-ripped the ground, applied three 500 sprays with a 2-acre stirring machine, agisted a small number of cattle and now graze some sheep. They recently commenced a vegetable garden after two green manure crops. They’ve seen a marked improvement in the soil but there’s still a way to go.

Sunday 17/10/21 Castlemaine, Victoria – POSTPONED DUE TO COVID, NEW DATE TO BE ADVISED
Gardeners and Small Growers Field Day at Castlemaine Steiner School where BD methods have been used for 25 years as part of the kitchen garden program.


The most effective way of learning about Bio-Dynamics is by attending a Field Day.
Some of these field days are directed towards existing commercially operating farms, others are open to gardeners and new farmers.

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Introductory Field Days

More Information
Introductory field days are held across the country at different times of the year.
Topics covered include:

  • History and development of Bio-Dynamic Farming & Growing
  • Plant feeding within nature
  • Soil cultivation to improve soil structure
  • Soil humus formation and microbial activity
  • Bio-Dynamic plant expression
  • Using Bio-Dynamic preparation 500
  • Prepared 500 (Podolinsky introduced: 500 plus 502-507)
  • Using Bio-Dynamic preparation 501
  • Stirring and applying the Bio-Dynamic preparations
  • Preparing soil to receive the  Bio-Dynamic preparations at the most beneficial time
  • Building a B.D. compost heap and using compost preparations 502-507
  • Sheet composting and green manures
  • Using the Bio-Dynamic Astrological sowing chart

Activities include:

  • Participatory demonstrations of stirring, spraying preparations, building a compost heap and green manuring
  • Where applicable, farm walks showing Bio-Dynamic results and discussing practical aspects of Bio-Dynamic farming
  • Quality Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic preparations are displayed Successful completion of an introductory field day facilitates full membership of the Bio-Dynamic Growers Australia.  Information and application forms are available on the day.

Learning Resources

A series of books and DVDs covering the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic practices can be purchased at biodynamic.com.au
For books – click here.

Suggested books to start with are:

  • Alex Podolinsky Lectures, Volume 1
  • Living Agriculture

For DVDs – click here.

Download Resources

2011 Lecture
Written version of an address given to farmers at a field day on a Bio-Dynamic grazing / cropping property near Young, NSW, Australia.
Discusses (world-wide) problem of loss of water storage due to compaction of soils.
Shows how Bio-Dynamics can remedy this situation.

Bio-Dynamics Agriculture of the Future
Excellent introduction to the Bio-Dynamic method, provides a comprehensive, yet easily readable, explanation of the difference between organic and Bio-Dynamic farming and resulting product quality.

Living Agriculture
Topics include: reclamation of salt affected farming land under Bio-Dynamic management / humus vs organic matter and their qualitatively differing effects on soil and plant feeding / education and training of farmers.

Living Knowledge
Topics include: Classic Natural Science vs Hypothetical Science / correct stirring of 500 reflected in Kepler’s 3 Laws / life implanting action of Chaos / 3 types of viewing – imagination, intuition, inspiration.

IFOAM Conference Address 2005
Addresses the problem of Australian agriculture as world phosphate reserves diminish, providing a truly sustainable alternative to the modern approach of “input” farming – which is occurring even on organic farms.


Several videos are available to view here

Soil Conversion
5 Bio-Dynamic Farms
Compost Making
Cosmo Earthly Ecology
Vortex Vegies
Stirring Machine



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