Slater Farms, Northern Rivers NSW

Event Date:

August 11, 2024

Event Time:

9:30 AM

Event Location:

Fairy Hill

Sunday 11/8, Slater Farms, Northern Rivers NSW
Brett and Karen Slater of Slater Farms grow dryland brown rice and soybeans in summer and wheat and barley in winter on their 500 hectare property located at Fairy Hill, near Casino in NSW. They started farming organically in 1998 and moved to biodynamic growing in 2004. The Slaters purchased their own processing mill and mill their own grain on-farm. All their products are certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic.

This field day is aimed at commercial farmers interested in learning about the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method of agriculture for potential application on their property.

Location: Fairy Hill, via Casino NSW

Time: 9.30am start, finishing around 3.30pm

Bring: BYO lunch, chair and mug (teas and coffee provided)

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Topics covered will include:

  • History and development of biodynamic farming and growing
  • Plant feeding within nature
  • Soil cultivation to improve soil structure
  • Soil humus formation and microbial activity
  • Biodynamic plant expression
  • Using biodynamic preparation 500
  • Prepared 500 (Podolinsky introduced: 500 plus 502-507)
  • Using biodynamic preparation 501
  • Stirring and applying the biodynamic preparations
  • Preparing soil to receive the biodynamic preparations at the most beneficial time
  • Sheet composting and green manures

Activities include:

  • Participatory demonstrations of stirring, spraying preparations and green manuring
  • Where applicable, farm walks showing Biodynamic results and discussing practical aspects of biodynamic farming
  • Quality Australian Demeter Biodynamic preparations are displayed

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  • Fairy Hill
  • Fairy Hill
  • NSW
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Event Schedule Details

  • August 11, 2024 9:30 AM   -   3:30 PM
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