Burrum Biodynamics, Marnoo VIC

Event Date:

August 11, 2024

Event Time:

9:30 AM

Event Location:

Marnoo West

Steve and Tania Walters started converting their farm to Australian Demeter Biodynamics in the year 2000 and today produce a range of fully certified grains including oats, spelt, rye, wheat and lentils that they process in their own on-farm facility.

This field day is aimed at commercial farmers interested in learning about the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method of agriculture for potential application on their property.

Location: Marnoo West, Victoria

Time: 9.30 am start until about 3 pm

Bring: BYO lunch (teas and coffee provided)

For further enquiries: info@demeterbiodynamic.com.au


Topics covered will include:

  • History and development of biodynamic farming and growing
  • Plant feeding within nature
  • Soil cultivation to improve soil structure
  • Soil humus formation and microbial activity
  • Biodynamic plant expression
  • Using biodynamic preparation 500
  • Prepared 500 (Podolinsky introduced: 500 plus 502-507)
  • Using biodynamic preparation 501
  • Stirring and applying the biodynamic preparations
  • Preparing soil to receive the biodynamic preparations at the most beneficial time
  • Sheet composting and green manures

Activities include:

  • Participatory demonstrations of stirring, spraying preparations and green manuring
  • Where applicable, farm walks showing Biodynamic results and discussing practical aspects of biodynamic farming
  • Quality Australian Demeter Biodynamic preparations are displayed

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  • Marnoo West
  • Marnoo West
  • Victoria
  • Australia

Event Schedule Details

  • August 11, 2024 9:30 AM   -   3:30 PM
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